Happy Howland

Howland looking right in birthday hat with logoHowland celebrated his first birthday by chasing a ball over and over and over and over.  Oh, and stealing balls (nicely) from other dogs in the dog park.  He’s a very happy guy and didn’t tire easily – sometimes running with his ball and another dog’s ball in his mouth.  He has the longest tongue I’ve every seen with a really adorable black birthmark right in the center of it.  He prefers to drink spring water and moving water at that…so his owner always brings jugs of water with her to the park.  Can you say spoiled??  He’s part German Shepherd and part Black Lab.  He’s long and lanky and a great athlete.  He obliged his owner by donning a birthday hat and later  – you guessed it – chasing his ball with the hat still on!  What fun it was being around such and energetic, happy dog!

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