Zippy Zoey

ZOEY PORTRAIT 1 FOR SITEZoey is a black Pomeranian.  She is tiny…and fast!  She is also very shy and wiggles a lot.  She lives in a loving home with people who give her lots of attention and treats. She also has a buddy to keep her company and to play with (yes that little cream-colored fur ball in the slide show is Charley).   I took these shots of Zoey while laying on my stomach on the rug inside using natural light from a window.  Once Zoey got used to my big black camera with the scary lens, she really responded to all the high-pitched silly noises I was making by perking up those cute ears. Next time if weather permits, I’ll take pictures of Zoey outside  – and maybe I’ll get lucky and get pictures with her and Charley together…assuming they both hold still long enough!!

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