Pretty as a Penny

Is she gorgeous or what???  Penny belongs to the son of the owner of Buena Vista Flowers in Buena Vista, Oregon.  She was visiting Mary’s floral acreage when I stopped by toLOGO 1-Penny take pictures of flowers.  I quickly changed my mind and focused on this beautiful two-year old Boxer. She is soft as velvet and just a sweetie.  After a few tentative “what is that black thing you are pointing at me” growls, she relaxed and posed for me. She followed me around and sat dutifully in front of a lovely old blue door on the flower barn.  She let me photograph her for over an hour!  With those big eyes and that cute nose she was a natural.  And what elegant lines and beautiful coloring she has.  Thank you Penny for a wonderful afternoon.  Enjoy the slide show!



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