Marshall and Teya

Marshal 5 w logoI had another impromptu photo shoot last weekend.  While my husband and I were showing our classic car at the Dallas (Oregon) Summerfest, we happened upon the cutest brindle coated English Bulldog named Marshall.  He is four months of wiggly-loose skin-floppy-ear love!  His human “sister” Teya had a great time introducing him to me and telling me about him.  I didn’t get to take too many pictures because so many people at the car show were stopping to pet and cuddle Marshall.  He was having a great time meeting new people and playing in the cool grass. Even though I didn’t get too many shots, the pictures I managed to take were just so darn cute that I had to post them here.  Marshall’s human family has two other English Bulldogs so I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to take their pictures too!!   Enjoy the slide show.

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Double Trouble

Hedwig and Coco with logo

Recently my husband and I visited friends in Exeter, England. While there, we were introduced to their two very proper English cats…Hedwig and Coco. Hedwig is an adorable calico cat who is queen of the house. Coco is more of a scamp as evidenced by her demand to be served lunch at the table!! Coco 11Coco immediately took to my husband, lounging and purring on his lap – apparently something she doesn’t do with strangers so my husband was doubly pleased!  Hedwig it seems just tolerates Coco and her antics.  She did however, enjoy posing in the garden and gazing up at me with her piercing golden eyes. Enjoy the slide show!



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