Sweet Allie

My husband and I own two classic cars so many Saturdays during the summer we show our cars at festivals across Oregon.  One recent weekend were enjoyed an early fall day at Allie laying down 1a car show in Lebanon, Oregon.  As a fine art photographer, I enjoy taking abstract shots of the classic cars but I’m always looking for other photo opportunities.  While wandering by the river, I came upon Jerry and his sweet girl Allie.  Allie is a mixed breed rescue and she’s about 12 years old. Jerry and his family rescued her when she was quite young.  She has arthritis now and other ailments common to old age in dogs but she enjoys her daily walks.  Jerry lifts her in and out of the car every morning and takes her for a swim in the river.  It eases her pain and she get to play “find the bone”.  Jerry hides the same bone in the bushes every day so on her return the next morning she can “find” it again.  What a sweet girl.  I love these impromptu photo shoots and the chance to give images to the pet owners that they will cherish for years to come.

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