Four Cats and a Yorkie

JoJo with collarMeet the menagerie headed by JoJo, the tiniest Yorkie I’ve seen in a long time.  I photographed her for her Mom, sister and Grandmother’s holiday card.  She wore the cutest elf costume although it was clear she was embarrassed to be seen in it!  The cats were nonplussed…of course they were not asked to dress up – as if they would!  I spent about an hour taking the pictures of the four gorgeous cats all of which are rescues with their own personalities.  JoJo was very accommodating and spent her time comfortably on the couch.  The cats, well that’s another story.  I crawled around on the floor to get their photos.  I think they enjoyed watching me and making it difficult for me to capture just the right moment.  In the end tho’ I think I succeeded in getting each of them in a relaxed pose.

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