Jonesy 21A mind of his own!   That’s what I remember most when I think about the photo session with Jonesy.  What a gorgeous 9-year old Siberian Husky – but what a stubborn subject.  He loved exploring the wooded park and really wasn’t all that thrilled with wearing reindeer ears – but I must say he wore them well.  We added a tartan plaid red scarf which complimented his coat.  His fur is so thick and so beautiful. His eyes are special too…one is a mottled blue/brown and the other is pure brown. And look at that expressive nose!  We were lucky to still find some fall color and even more lucky to have had a bit of sun on what could have been a typical rainy, gray Oregon day.   Thank you Jonesy for putting up with my “black box” and for being so patient with me.


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