I spent almost two hours the other day…on what was admittedly a glorious, unusually warm day in Oregon….photographing three sweet PENELOPE  7 W LOGOpuppies.  I was so happy to be able to photograph them outside enjoying the sun and the breeze.  I love taking pictures of dogs and cats, but I must say, that even with an assistant, I was exhausted by the time we finished.  Puppies have WAY too much energy!!  And they have the attention span of half a nat.  Of course I know that, but these little cuties really drove those points home.  Talk about adorable though.  Nanuk (she is the Alaskan Malamute), Hercules (the Yorkie) and Penelope (the mixed pup with attitude) were so much fun.  I spent most
of my time laying in the grass or chasing them around.  We all got our exercise that’s for sure.

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