She’s a talker!

Oh Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!   What a sweetheart you are.  Ruby is a pit bull mix – she was a rescue and now lives the life of luxury in her fur-ever LOGO Final 13home. Ruby is young…about five years old, but she still has the energy of a two-year old.  And her Mom thinks she’s in a permanent toddler stage!  She’s very vocal and doesn’t give up when she wants something.  Ruby is beautiful and quite photogenic. Her coat is a lovely gray-brown, shiny and soft. She loves to run, stalk (in slow motion no less!), play tug of war – and she is beyond treat motivated!  I had a great time taking her pictures and she was very patient with me since I admittedly teased her with treats to get her to sit for a “formal” portrait.  At the end of the session she gave me lots of kisses, so that really made my day!  I think she loved being a diva and a cover model.  Enjoy the slide show.



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