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LOGO - PARKER 1I taught a workshop the other day at the Oregon Gardens.  I called it “Sit, Stay, Click” – a session about how to take better pictures of your pets.  I made a short presentation about the “rules” for taking pet pictures and then told everyone how to break them and still get great shots.  I realized while I was preparing for the presentation that I take a lot of top down images, a no-no in pet photography land, but I love that look so I’ve decided that I’m not breaking a rule, I’m creating my style (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!).  We were so lucky to have a famous model to practice with.  His name is Parker and he is a beautiful Golden Retriever. I just love Golden Retrievers…they are always smiling and like Parker, pretty Zen.  He’s clicker trained and has modeled for television commercials (nationally) and print ads (Temperpedic being one of them!) and even been on stage in the play “Annie”.  Parker is also a registered therapy dog and works to raise funds for cancer charities. He was so gracious allowing the group to practice taking full body shots, close-ups, and top down images. Here are just a few of mine.  If you want to learn more about Parker, be sure to visit his website (yes, he has a website).  Enjoy!! 


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  1. Very nice pictures of Parker! (he’s quite handsome!) I’ve followed him on FB for several years. I was happy that he modeled for you!

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