Rescue Me

logo AUG20-16Over the last 18 months I’ve had the honor and pleasure of taking pictures of rescued dogs housed at a facility near my Oregon home.  They do such a great job there.  Suite Dog Daze is a boarding/training facility and the owner also takes in rescues under the name of Suite Angel Rescue.  Lisa rescues and places local dogs in new homes and she also takes in many dogs that have been in neighboring state shelters that are at capacity. Some of the dogs are strays and most are mixed breeds.  The nice thing is that because many come to her with behavior and training issues (which in many cases could have been handled by the owners if they had taken the time) they get the benefit of learning how to behave – along with learning all the standard commands.  The trainers there are wonderful and as you will see, the dogs really love them.  I was working on a photo of a rescue whose picture I took earlier this month and decided to go back to look at all the rescues whose pictures I’ve taken.  Oh my gosh…my heart just about burst looking at these cuties!  I would have taken them all home if I could.  They have new “furever” homes now.  I hope they are happy, warm, dry, well-fed, have lots of toys, get to sleep on the bed and are loved, loved, loved.  Love is all they really want.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Rescue Me

  1. My furever baby came from California where Lisa rescued her from. Thank you for bringing me my Ellie, not only did you save her but you saved me.
    Thank you Suite Doggy Daze
    Larrie Chaffin

  2. Thank you for rescuing my Ellie, Suite Doggy Daze! Thank you for the beautiful photography which helps find furever homes for these animals who just want love.
    My furever baby is Ellie the German Shepard! Isnt she beautiful and relaxed in her picture. It shows her personality.
    Thank you from our hearts to yours!

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