Bell-of-the-Ball Bella

1 - Bella on chairThis adorable, tiny Shih Tzu with a big personality, knows she deserves to be the center of attention.  And at her age, she has earned it!  She posed royally on a lovely chair fit for a queen.  Her Mom and Dad love her so much which I think is pretty evident in these images. She certainly relished the attention and enjoyed all the hugs and kisses. Lucky, lucky girl! I think she even liked being photographed although she did bark at me a few times… asserting her command over the household.   I had such a nice morning capturing Bella’s spirit. Thank you Bella!


All Creatures Great & Small

“All creatures great and small” – that’s what came to mind when I met Heidi, the St. Bernard and Gizmo, the Pekingese.  Heidi is a rescue and Heidi’s parents have been fostering 12-year old Gizmo.  Gizmo is a girl by the way, and for 12-years old, she’s pretty darn fast!  Heidi on the other hand was very zen during our morning shoot.  She is certainly a gentle giant and Gizmo gives her a run for her money.  I had a wonderful time photographing those two and their Mom.

COMPOSITE - DAISY BY FOUNTAIN full word in view #1