Sweet English Girls

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Portugal plus a stop to visit wonderful friends in England.  Our friends live in a lovely small (10,000) English town in Devon.  They are both avid gardeners with what we Americans think of as the typical English garden.  It’s just beautiful ….as are their two cats…Coco and Hedwig.  Of course, being a pet photographer I could not resist following them around the garden snapping as many images as I could.  Coco is 11 with a scrumptious chocolate-brown almost black coat and piercing eyes .  She’s the huntress and spends a great deal of time stalking…and catching…mice in the garden.  At 16, Hedwig is the lover.  She spends her time in the garden enjoying the view and languishing in the sun.  I had such a wonderful time exploring the gardens and watching Coco and Hedwig.  (Click images to view larger)

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