34 in three hours

34 in three hours! Recently I had the pleasure of photographing dogs for the 5th Annual Willamette Valley Hospice Wag-n-Walk.  Oh my goodness….34 dogs in three hours!  I usually don’t think much about how old I am and I usually feel about 40 (I’m not!), but getting down on the ground and up 34 times wore me out!   But the dogs….beyond adorable.  Just like us, they come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of personalities.  I had the best time ever!   Yes, there are 34 images here because there was no way I could choose a favorite (click on an image to view it larger).  In March 2018, WVH will post these images on their Facebook page and everyone can vote for the dog who will be on the 6th Annual Wag-n-Walk poster.  Keep you eye out and vote for your favorite.  Enjoy!