Such a sweet, sweet boy.  Mitch is very handsome a “senior” German Shorthair Pointer.  His Mom scheduled a photo shoot so she would get pictures of him for his Dad’s birthday.  She said Mitch had been through so much with his Dad so she wanted something special as a gift.  It took a couple weeks to find a day when it wasn’t pouring rain and we finally got lucky and only got caught in a few sprinkles.  Of course, Mitch didn’t mind!  We walked around a local park and Mitch particularly enjoyed gazing at the river.  Mitch posed beautifully on a foot bridge….and I’m sure his Dad will cherish his birthday gifts.


Ryder is a three-year old lab mix with tons of energy.  His owner and I went for an early morning walk on one of the first frosty days in December.  He absolutely loved it!!  It was so chilly that his breath made what looked like fog surrounding him in white mist.   Ryder got his name because one of his favorite things is to ride in a car.  So it was no problem for him to jump in the front seat of an abandoned truck we found.  He posed beautifully and is such a handsome boy!  The sun finally peeked out and he  stopped for a picture with his Mom on a moss-covered bridge.  My toes were a bit frozen after our walk but Ryder was still raring to go!

Two Sweeties

I couldn’t post these images until after Christmas because my client wanted photos for gifts…so now I can introduce you to Patrick and Bennu. Patrick is just the sweetest boy…he’s deaf but you would never know it.  He loves loves loves his bal and was happiest when chasing it.  Look at that beautiful profile…we were lucky to find the last of the fall leaves which made a beautiful background for his photo shoot.  Bennu preferred to remain indoors and a bit elusive. Just look at those eyes!