Featured in a Pet Magazine

I’ve been partnering since late 2017 with Nature’s Pet Market in Salem to shoot special occasion/holiday photos of dogs.  I’ve had a great time meeting and photographing all kinds of  wonderful dogsl.  I could photograph dogs all day every day!

Earlier this year, PetsPlus Magazine an industry news, analysis and tips magazine specifically targeted to pet business owners contacted Natures’ Pet Market owner, Terri Ellen about an interview.  Each month, the magazine features a pet business owner in a section called “Sanity Files”.  The section focuses on what owners do to keep their sanity.  The magazine includes a photograph of the business owner with his/her pet(s) on a white background.  Then the owner, in their own hand, writes on that white background all the things that keep him/her sane.  I was excited they selected Terri for the June 2018 issue and even more excited -and honored – when she asked me to take her photograph with two of her cutie-pie dogs!  Terri and I got together and I took a variety of images, the magazine selected the one they wanted to use for the feature and Terri wrote about what keeps her sane.  Here’s the final image with Terri’s “sanity keepers”.  Next up for Terri – the interview.  Next up for me – cat photos at her store on April 24!  Wish me luck.

Be sure to check out the June 2018 issue for Terri’s feature!!!