About Me

Rebecca Cozart

I am a dog owner/lover
and a photographer.
My husband and I have two Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers
(Molly and Dugan)
who own my heart.

My dreams came true in 2014 when I began photographing dogs and cats doing what dogs and cats do and soon NosesTailsPaws Pet Photography
was created. While talking with Molly and Dugan about my new venture they helped me name my business! 

I have been lucky to photograph
so many wonderful dogs and cats.
Each one is special and each
one touches my heart.

If you live in the Salem/Keizer/Albany/Silverton/Corvallis/McMinnville (Oregon) area
and would like a NosesTailsPaws session with your dog or cat…let me know.

You can email met at: nosestailspaws@hotmail.com

Or call text me at 503-339-5861

Molly on the left, Dugan on the right!