Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you take pictures of my dog or cat?
NosesTailsPaws sessions can be created in the comfort of your home, on location or in our studios. studio It’s important to me that you and your dog or cat feel comfortable wherever the session takes place.

An enclosed outdoor area is a good place for your pet to hang out and relax, but don’t worry – I can photograph your dog on leash in a public park. I can remove the leash when I process the photos. Your pet’s safety and comfort is my main concern.

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What is your photography style?
I enjoy working with both natural light and studio lighting.

That might mean lounging on their bed, playing with a ball, chewing on a bone. I don’t force pets to pose. Most owners like to see photos of their pets in natural everyday settings (although I can do a portrait image also).  My goal is to capture your pet’s personality in the most natural way. (I don’t use Photoshop to change colors or make your pets look unrealistic.  I do use Photoshop to remove leashes and other distracting objects.) I like bold colors and playful but artistic images. I shoot with a shallow depth of field so I can concentrate on what makes your pet special while creating a soft creamy background.
I also prefer to shoot at your pet’s level.  If you like those kinds of images, then I’m the photographer
for you because I enjoy capturing moments and saving memories!

Chester four months in studio

What if the weather is bad on the day of my shoot?
It’s Oregon….so changeable weather is expected even in the summer time.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate – we will reschedule.  I keep an eye on the weather and will send you an email the day before your shoot if I think the weather will be a problem.
If it’s a bit overcast or gray we can work with that easily, but if there is a downpour, then we’ll definitely reschedule.

Does my dog have to be well-trained?
Obviously a well-trained dog is much easier to work with and if your dog knows the basics like sit, stay and down that would be great.  But don’t worry if he or she doesn’t.  Dogs all have different personalities and I have patience, so we will get the shots you want.

And don’t worry if your dog needs to be on a leash….I can remove the leash in post-editing.
In fact, when I shoot outdoors I prefer that your dog be on a leash for safety reasons!

Now cats….cats are just cats!!

Can I be in the picture too?
Of course you can!  If you think you want to be part of the session, we can talk about what to wear based on the color of your dog or cat and where we will be shooting.

How long do shoots usually last?
This really depends on your pet, but most shoots last about an hour and a half and at the maximum two hours.  My time includes two hours of shooting.  Once your pet relaxes (after having inspected me and my camera!), it should only take about an hour.  Most pets lose patience after about an hour.

Can I purchase my pet’s digital images?
Lots of us are “digital hoarders” – we take pictures and keep them on our computer, iPad or phone.  I’m guilty of that myself!  But since you have taken the time to brush and even bathe your pet….and made the investment to have professional images taken of your pet… don’t you think you should actually have something like a gorgeous canvas image you can hang in a prominent location in your home?  So, no, I won’t sell you your images in digital format (unless you purchase one of the options on the products page). Other photographers will – that’s their choice.  Another reason I won’t do this is because I take the time to process these images so you have the best color and finished product – and I use a print house I trust. I know that when you receive your prints or canvases, they won’t have a weird green color caste to them and the service won’t have cropped off your pet’s tail by accident.

Digital social media images with NosesTailsPaws logo are available with Options 1-4 purchases only!