What to Expect

Before the shoot.
Once we have booked a time and date you will receive a short questionnaire so I can find out more about your pet.  What you tell me will really help with the shoot.  I will also develop a shot list so I have some idea of where we might start…and of course we can improvise once we meet and your pet is relaxed.

What will happen during the shoot?
The first thing I will do is sit on the floor/ground and get to know your pet.  I’ll put my camera and my camera bag on the floor and let them sniff it, lick it or just look at it.  Once we get to know each other a bit, I’ll look for the best light and talk with you about where your pet likes to sit or play.  I’ll shoot in any part of your house that you feel comfortable with me doing so.  If that includes the bathroom because your dog or cat likes to lay on the cool tile floor…then the bathroom it is!
I try to make things fun and take lots of breaks for water, treats or whatever.

How do we prepare for the shoot?
Be sure you have treats that your pet loves (maybe special treats that they only get occasionally).  Also, if they have a favorite toy you want included in the photo be sure to have it handy.  I will bring squeaky toys to use to get their attention, but if your pet has its own squeaky toys we can use them too.  I also recommend that your pet be groomed a day or two before the session – if you have long-haired dogs (like my Wheatens – Molly and Dugan) that may mean a full-blown session with a groomer.  Or you may only need to bathe and brush your pet.  Be sure your dog has on its’ collar and tags.  If we use a leash (which I prefer for safety in public places), I will remove it in post processing.

If you are planning to be in the pictures with your pet, please wear solid colored clothing that compliments your pet.  If you have a black dog or cat, don’t wear a black shirt.  White and busy patterns and logos also distract from the image and your pet is the focus of this session.  If you have booked a studio session, we will talk about what color backdrops you would like and how your attire will compliment both the backdrop and your pet.  And keep in mind that your shoes might end up in the picture so make sure they are shoes you would want in a photo!

You will be my assistant during the shoot.  How I ask you to help me (or not help me!) will depend on your pet and where we are shooting.

If your dog is aggressive, please discuss this with me ahead of time so we can determine the safest way to photograph him/her.  nosestailspaws@hotmail.com

On day of the shoot.
Please arrive at the photo location or be available at your home at the time we have decided.  You might want to be sure your dog is a bit hungry (so the treats used during the shoot are attractive to him/her).  Also, please exercise your dog before the session so he/she is just a bit tired, but not completely wiped out.  If we are in a park location, please bring water for your pet.  I will go over my shot list with you and we’ll take some time getting to know each other making sure your pet is comfortable with me.  If we are shooting in your home, we may decide to move furniture in order to get the right shot.  The session will last from 60-90 minutes/

Post shoot/ordering artwork.
After the shoot, I will process your images.  I will need about 10-days to two weeks to do this.  Then I will provide you a contact sheet of the very best images for your review and selection. Usually clients decide on the images within a few days.  We can also talk about your favorite images and discuss which medium would best suit them. If you don’t purchase a package, most clients typically invest $800 to $1,000 in finished artwork.

Please see the “Products” page to learn more about what’s available if you have not purchased a package.