Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air and these cuties “showed their stuff” during a recent photoshoot at Nature’s Pet Market.  Some went with a Fall theme and some chose Howl-o-ween.  Ziggy and Memphis showed up in striking sweaters and bowties, while Hulk brought his 6-month old brother dressed as a pumpkin.  Grimm wore his trademark purple (too bad you can’t see his purple painted toenails!). And Spork decided she looked fab in her own pink collar. Enjoy!

Christmas in June!

Santa made a surprise visit at Nature’s Pet Market while I was taking 4th of July photos.  So of course I asked if he would pose with some of the cuties who came for their portraits.  He obliged and I was happy to get some great shots to use for promotional purposes for this year’s Christmas photo shoots.  Aren’t they all adorable?  There’s Ziggy in his 4th of July scarf and Dakota, Penny and Dexter all lined up.  Fuego had a few things to tell Santa about not wanting to live with any more dogs (Loki and Murphy share his home).  Kuna opted for a red collar with bells for her photo with Santa and Spork wore her 4th of July scarf handmade by her Momma. Lucy, the Diva, opted for a Santa hat. Such fun we all had!!!  Enjoy!

Holiday Faces

I’ve been having such a great time the last couple of weeks taking holiday shots of some of the sweetest dogs. I partnered with FINAL - all three on couch w logoa local boarding/grooming/training facility called Suite Dog Daze to provide a holiday scarf photo after a bath and grooming special.  Aren’t these three dachshunds just the cutest dogs ever?!!!  I’ve taken photos of Australian Shepherds, Dachshunds, Labs, and mixed breeds  And every one of them were such great posers!  Of course a good photographer’s assistant and lots and lots and lots of treats helps!  Enjoy!

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It’s National Dog Day!

August 26 is National Dog Day so I thought I would share a few recent client images.  Smile and enjoy!


Puppy kisses

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Borders and More!

borders waiting for ballI stopped by a new local business today – a grooming, boarding training facility called SuiteDogDaze.  Lisa the owner has done such a good job setting up play space both indoors and out.  The training and grooming rooms are clean and well-laid out. The kennels (“suites”) are quite large and seem like they would be pretty comfy too.  There is acreage behind the gated play area so dogs who are boarding get walks in the grass four times a day (on leash of course).  I had the chance to photograph Lisa’s two Border Collies, two sweet Pitbulls, a bossy- but cute- Shihtzu and an Australian Shepherd who stopped by for a bath and comb out.  Enjoy the slide show!!

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Rev it Up!

Revy 14 logoThis adorable four-month old Australian Shepherd has a big name – Reverend.  But they call him Revy for short.  I met Revy while my husband and I were visiting a winery here in Oregon over the Memorial Day weekend.  Revy and his Dad were chillin’ on the grass outside the tasting room.  He was such a sweet guy….full of the devil…you can see it in his eyes!   He was certainly enjoying the sunshine and had a great time munching on the grass. Revy was so happy to see his Mom when she came out of the tasting room that he crawled under her long skirt and popped out smiling on the other side.  This impromptu photo shoot was the highlight of my day!



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