What a surprise!!

The local paper, the Statesman Journal, runs a contest every year called “Best of the Mid-Valley”. Last year NosesTailsPaws Pet Photography was nominated and was a finalist. This year, NosesTailsPaws was nominated again, made it to the top 5 – and we won the Best Photographer in Best of the Mid-Valley 2022!

It’s all thanks to the wonderful clients I have and their dogs and cats – each one I adore!

I appreciate your continued for your support!!


2022 is off to a great start!

Between Valentine’s Day and spring and Mother’s Day 2022 is off to a great start! Took pictures of Melvin and Jax outdoors and met Hector at the Wooden Show Tulip Festival. Then I switched to the studio for more pics. Talulah-Ru was adorable in the bunny ears and Pearl, the three-legged rescue cat had the most beautiful eyes. Love the five-month-old Lab wore the pink feathers well as did Spork. Onyx the Doberman Pinscher is exquisite and of course it was nice to see Romeo and his mom as well as Ziggy posing on two pillows. Enjoy a few images!

Dogs Dogs More Dogs – and Cats Too!

October, November and December – these three months were so fun!! I took images of 44 dogs and 9 cats with Santa at Pets Etc. on December 5 for a fundraiser. Donations that day raised $400 for Prevent A Litter. I also got to photograph 19 dogs and 3 cats in the studio**. I also photographed a gorgeous Lab/Pitbull mix named Ryder. He posed beautifully on the foot bridge at Minto-Brown Park. We got lucky with with no rain and even a bit of sun. Here are just a few. Hope you enjoy these pictures! I know each one of them put a smile on my face!

Looking foward to continuing to photograph dogs and cats both in and out of the studio in 2021.

**Yes, I wore a mask, all clients wore masks and Santa wore a mask until he was ready for me to take the photo. All social distancing requirements were followed and the studio was sanitized after each appointment.

A whirlwind!

December was a whirlwind!  I photographed 105 dogs and six cats!!!  Oh my gosh…each one was adorable and so happy to meet Santa.  I took a break in January, but February rolled around and guess what…Valentine’s Day photo shoots!  And then…wait for it….St. Paddy’s Day in March.  Great start to 2020!

Fall, Winter and the Holidays

Fall, winter and the holidays were in the air when I photographed these cuties last weekend.  Java the gorgeous black cat would only pose with a collar or hat.  Rocky the Boxer kissed me, my assistant and the lens on my camera while Buddy the Lab posed quietly.  Murphy the 11-month old Golden Retriever was beyond excited.  And Thornton (who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since he was 10 weeks old – he’s almost five now) sat regally with a Christmas bow around his neck.  Bandit helped me with a lighting test and wore a cool Christmas hat.  I’m looking forward to more photo shoots on November 24, December 1 and December 8.  So fun!!!!


Jan’s Cats

We were lucky this year to visit our friends in England again.  Jan and Girts have two wonderful cats…Hedwig is the oldest and spends her time surveying her garden and Coco is the huntress, prowling the garden for mice and “gifting” them to her owners.  Hedwig always poses nicely for me tilting her head or laying on the bed, while Coco makes me work for it!  I must have followed her around the garden for 20 minutes until she finally sat on a garden bench.


Cats are challenging to photograph when they are in their own environment, but put them in a crate and take them to a studio for a portrait session…well challenging is a mild word!  I had a wonderful time photographing cats at Nature’s Pet Market last weekend.  And actually, after these cuties did a little exploring they were pretty good about posing for their pictures.  Nature’s Pet Market includes a grooming area and I enjoy seeing all the dogs who come in for their spa day.  So I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Sophia….a gorgeous blonde long-haired dachshund….who I’m told “always” wears pearls.

34 in three hours

34 in three hours! Recently I had the pleasure of photographing dogs for the 5th Annual Willamette Valley Hospice Wag-n-Walk.  Oh my goodness….34 dogs in three hours!  I usually don’t think much about how old I am and I usually feel about 40 (I’m not!), but getting down on the ground and up 34 times wore me out!   But the dogs….beyond adorable.  Just like us, they come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of personalities.  I had the best time ever!   Yes, there are 34 images here because there was no way I could choose a favorite (click on an image to view it larger).  In March 2018, WVH will post these images on their Facebook page and everyone can vote for the dog who will be on the 6th Annual Wag-n-Walk poster.  Keep you eye out and vote for your favorite.  Enjoy!


Sweet English Girls

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Portugal plus a stop to visit wonderful friends in England.  Our friends live in a lovely small (10,000) English town in Devon.  They are both avid gardeners with what we Americans think of as the typical English garden.  It’s just beautiful ….as are their two cats…Coco and Hedwig.  Of course, being a pet photographer I could not resist following them around the garden snapping as many images as I could.  Coco is 11 with a scrumptious chocolate-brown almost black coat and piercing eyes .  She’s the huntress and spends a great deal of time stalking…and catching…mice in the garden.  At 16, Hedwig is the lover.  She spends her time in the garden enjoying the view and languishing in the sun.  I had such a wonderful time exploring the gardens and watching Coco and Hedwig.  (Click images to view larger)

Four Cats and a Yorkie

JoJo with collarMeet the menagerie headed by JoJo, the tiniest Yorkie I’ve seen in a long time.  I photographed her for her Mom, sister and Grandmother’s holiday card.  She wore the cutest elf costume although it was clear she was embarrassed to be seen in it!  The cats were nonplussed…of course they were not asked to dress up – as if they would!  I spent about an hour taking the pictures of the four gorgeous cats all of which are rescues with their own personalities.  JoJo was very accommodating and spent her time comfortably on the couch.  The cats, well that’s another story.  I crawled around on the floor to get their photos.  I think they enjoyed watching me and making it difficult for me to capture just the right moment.  In the end tho’ I think I succeeded in getting each of them in a relaxed pose.

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