Dog Gone Wine

blog FINLAY C2 proof 2Honeywood Winery produces berry wines under the label “Dog Gone Wine”.  They have been using stock images of dogs for the labels until this year when they decided to have a contest to find the perfect dog for their next vintage.  And what a contest it was!   The winery received over 300 entries and every one of the dogs was just adorable.  It was a tough decision and after a lot of agonizing, they selected Finlay.  Finlay is a rescue and the Vet estimates that he’s almost two years old.  He is a  mix of three breeds – one of which is definitely Husky.  Look at that luxurious tail!  I was honored and excited when the winery’s general manager asked me BLOG 4to take the official wine label portrait of this beautiful boy.  He is so sweet!!  He was a trouper…he posed and posed and posed some more…for cheese of course! He got to take numerous breaks and get attention and encouragement from his “Mom”.  Every shot of him is wonderful.

After our official portrait session, he and his human family spent an hour in the gardens at Deepwood Estate so I could take some fun pictures of him.  I had such a great time and it was so nice to meet Finlay.  He is quite photogenic and never stops smiling.  His official portrait (the one above with the white background) will grace Honeywood’s  “Triple Berry” wine label.  Fitting, don’t you think?  Enjoy!

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Jonesy 21A mind of his own!   That’s what I remember most when I think about the photo session with Jonesy.  What a gorgeous 9-year old Siberian Husky – but what a stubborn subject.  He loved exploring the wooded park and really wasn’t all that thrilled with wearing reindeer ears – but I must say he wore them well.  We added a tartan plaid red scarf which complimented his coat.  His fur is so thick and so beautiful. His eyes are special too…one is a mottled blue/brown and the other is pure brown. And look at that expressive nose!  We were lucky to still find some fall color and even more lucky to have had a bit of sun on what could have been a typical rainy, gray Oregon day.   Thank you Jonesy for putting up with my “black box” and for being so patient with me.


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