Peace of Mind

For the third year I’ve had the pleasure of photographing dogs for the Willamette Valley Hospice “Walk-n-Wag” program.  The $10 donation to enter participant’s dogs in the annual poster contest goes toward a program called “Peace of Mind” which allows hospice patients to know their dogs are well taken care of while they struggle with their health issues.  This year I photographed 51 dogs!!!  Rescues, pure breds, oldies, young pups, black dogs, white dogs and every color in between.  I loved every minute of the three hours on my hands and knees!! Each of them were such cutie pies.  And what a great cause!!!


Christmas in June!

Santa made a surprise visit at Nature’s Pet Market while I was taking 4th of July photos.  So of course I asked if he would pose with some of the cuties who came for their portraits.  He obliged and I was happy to get some great shots to use for promotional purposes for this year’s Christmas photo shoots.  Aren’t they all adorable?  There’s Ziggy in his 4th of July scarf and Dakota, Penny and Dexter all lined up.  Fuego had a few things to tell Santa about not wanting to live with any more dogs (Loki and Murphy share his home).  Kuna opted for a red collar with bells for her photo with Santa and Spork wore her 4th of July scarf handmade by her Momma. Lucy, the Diva, opted for a Santa hat. Such fun we all had!!!  Enjoy!


Moved out of my comfort zone last week when I took St. Patty’s day pictures.  Decided to include some people!!!  Very scary.  Many thanks to Shayna and Ryan for letting me experiment with them and Piper.  And also, thanks to Kate and cute little Bogie.  May have to do more of this.  I’ll be back at Nature’s Pet Market on May 4 taking photos to celebrate spring and Mother’s Day.  That might be a good time for Mom’s to have their pictures taken with their “pet babies”.  Just sayin’.   Enjoy!.

Kissable Faces

“Kiss Me” – “I’m Yours” – “Be Mine” – each dog I photographed for Valentine’s Day took a piece of my heart.  A number of repeat clients showed up for the session at Nature’s Pet Market and several new dogs sat for their portraits.  Lily, Lacy and Shade as well as Dancer and Bogie were troopers!  Here are just a few of those kissable faces. Next up – you guessed it – St. Patty’s Day.  A top hat, a few shamrocks and a green scarf and any dog (or cat) can be Irish for a day.  Enjoy!


The joint was jumpin’!

OMG…16 dogs!  So wonderful.  Scarves worked on all these cuties (OK..some images I can’t post because their humans are using the pictures as Christmas cards..but trust me…they were sooooo cute).  Handsome, sweet, adorable…each one made my heart sing.  Enjoy!

Fall, Winter and the Holidays

Fall, winter and the holidays were in the air when I photographed these cuties last weekend.  Java the gorgeous black cat would only pose with a collar or hat.  Rocky the Boxer kissed me, my assistant and the lens on my camera while Buddy the Lab posed quietly.  Murphy the 11-month old Golden Retriever was beyond excited.  And Thornton (who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since he was 10 weeks old – he’s almost five now) sat regally with a Christmas bow around his neck.  Bandit helped me with a lighting test and wore a cool Christmas hat.  I’m looking forward to more photo shoots on November 24, December 1 and December 8.  So fun!!!!



Cats are challenging to photograph when they are in their own environment, but put them in a crate and take them to a studio for a portrait session…well challenging is a mild word!  I had a wonderful time photographing cats at Nature’s Pet Market last weekend.  And actually, after these cuties did a little exploring they were pretty good about posing for their pictures.  Nature’s Pet Market includes a grooming area and I enjoy seeing all the dogs who come in for their spa day.  So I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Sophia….a gorgeous blonde long-haired dachshund….who I’m told “always” wears pearls.

Featured in a Pet Magazine

I’ve been partnering since late 2017 with Nature’s Pet Market in Salem to shoot special occasion/holiday photos of dogs.  I’ve had a great time meeting and photographing all kinds of  wonderful dogsl.  I could photograph dogs all day every day!

Earlier this year, PetsPlus Magazine an industry news, analysis and tips magazine specifically targeted to pet business owners contacted Natures’ Pet Market owner, Terri Ellen about an interview.  Each month, the magazine features a pet business owner in a section called “Sanity Files”.  The section focuses on what owners do to keep their sanity.  The magazine includes a photograph of the business owner with his/her pet(s) on a white background.  Then the owner, in their own hand, writes on that white background all the things that keep him/her sane.  I was excited they selected Terri for the June 2018 issue and even more excited -and honored – when she asked me to take her photograph with two of her cutie-pie dogs!  Terri and I got together and I took a variety of images, the magazine selected the one they wanted to use for the feature and Terri wrote about what keeps her sane.  Here’s the final image with Terri’s “sanity keepers”.  Next up for Terri – the interview.  Next up for me – cat photos at her store on April 24!  Wish me luck.

Be sure to check out the June 2018 issue for Terri’s feature!!!






Two Sweeties

I couldn’t post these images until after Christmas because my client wanted photos for gifts…so now I can introduce you to Patrick and Bennu. Patrick is just the sweetest boy…he’s deaf but you would never know it.  He loves loves loves his bal and was happiest when chasing it.  Look at that beautiful profile…we were lucky to find the last of the fall leaves which made a beautiful background for his photo shoot.  Bennu preferred to remain indoors and a bit elusive. Just look at those eyes!