Rescue Me

logo AUG20-16Over the last 18 months I’ve had the honor and pleasure of taking pictures of rescued dogs housed at a facility near my Oregon home.  They do such a great job there.  Suite Dog Daze is a boarding/training facility and the owner also takes in rescues under the name of Suite Angel Rescue.  Lisa rescues and places local dogs in new homes and she also takes in many dogs that have been in neighboring state shelters that are at capacity. Some of the dogs are strays and most are mixed breeds.  The nice thing is that because many come to her with behavior and training issues (which in many cases could have been handled by the owners if they had taken the time) they get the benefit of learning how to behave – along with learning all the standard commands.  The trainers there are wonderful and as you will see, the dogs really love them.  I was working on a photo of a rescue whose picture I took earlier this month and decided to go back to look at all the rescues whose pictures I’ve taken.  Oh my gosh…my heart just about burst looking at these cuties!  I would have taken them all home if I could.  They have new “furever” homes now.  I hope they are happy, warm, dry, well-fed, have lots of toys, get to sleep on the bed and are loved, loved, loved.  Love is all they really want.  Enjoy!

Ride Keno, Ride!

LOGO KENO 6 in car with Linda going rightKeno loves to ride in his Mom’s cool red MG.  He loves the wind in his ears and being with his Mom in his furever home. Keno is a 10-year-old standard poodle. His Mom rescued him four years ago after he lived in a number of homes (through no fault of his own).  He was also abused and very, very thin and malnourished. When his Mom rescued him the veterinarian who checked him over wasn’t sure he would make it.  But six months later he was thriving and truly – finally – dearly loved.  Keno was so accommodating….sitting in the MG looking regal and calm – flashing that cute smile of his. And then cooling down in his favorite barkdust-filled spot after posing in the morning sun.

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She’s a talker!

Oh Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!   What a sweetheart you are.  Ruby is a pit bull mix – she was a rescue and now lives the life of luxury in her fur-ever LOGO Final 13home. Ruby is young…about five years old, but she still has the energy of a two-year old.  And her Mom thinks she’s in a permanent toddler stage!  She’s very vocal and doesn’t give up when she wants something.  Ruby is beautiful and quite photogenic. Her coat is a lovely gray-brown, shiny and soft. She loves to run, stalk (in slow motion no less!), play tug of war – and she is beyond treat motivated!  I had a great time taking her pictures and she was very patient with me since I admittedly teased her with treats to get her to sit for a “formal” portrait.  At the end of the session she gave me lots of kisses, so that really made my day!  I think she loved being a diva and a cover model.  Enjoy the slide show.



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Forever Homes


I’ve had the pleasure recently of working with Suite Dog Daze as they take in, foster and adopt out some pretty adorable puppies and dogs.  Each one of them so wants and needs love.  I can see it in their eyes.  They just want to feel safe, be well-fed, loved and know that this time, they will have a forever home.  It breaks my heart sometimes, but on the other hand I am honored to take their photos to show what loving creatures they are and I have hope them will find someone to love them.




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FIELD - Romp 2We had a break in the weather last week so I stopped by Suite Dog Daze to say hello and watch the dogs enjoying the sunshine.  Of course I had my camera with me and took a few images of their play.  I have to say, I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day after spending an hour with these cuties watching them run, roll in the mud and play tug-o-war with a stick!!

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Four Cats and a Yorkie

JoJo with collarMeet the menagerie headed by JoJo, the tiniest Yorkie I’ve seen in a long time.  I photographed her for her Mom, sister and Grandmother’s holiday card.  She wore the cutest elf costume although it was clear she was embarrassed to be seen in it!  The cats were nonplussed…of course they were not asked to dress up – as if they would!  I spent about an hour taking the pictures of the four gorgeous cats all of which are rescues with their own personalities.  JoJo was very accommodating and spent her time comfortably on the couch.  The cats, well that’s another story.  I crawled around on the floor to get their photos.  I think they enjoyed watching me and making it difficult for me to capture just the right moment.  In the end tho’ I think I succeeded in getting each of them in a relaxed pose.

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BAILEE-25 w ntp logoBailee’s Mom and Dad wanted holiday pictures for their Christmas cards.  We were lucky to find the only 45 minute time-frame when it wasn’t raining!  I took these images in a local park and was lucky enough to still find some color.  Bailee is a rescue and she’s about two years old. She is small but mighty.  Love those ears!  Bailee ‘s Mom and Dad are newlyweds. They were great to work with and all three are quite photogenic.  They braved the wind and chill but you’d never know it by their beautiful smiles or Bailee’s attentiveness.  There is no question that Bailee feels she is the star of the show!





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Sweet Allie

My husband and I own two classic cars so many Saturdays during the summer we show our cars at festivals across Oregon.  One recent weekend were enjoyed an early fall day at Allie laying down 1a car show in Lebanon, Oregon.  As a fine art photographer, I enjoy taking abstract shots of the classic cars but I’m always looking for other photo opportunities.  While wandering by the river, I came upon Jerry and his sweet girl Allie.  Allie is a mixed breed rescue and she’s about 12 years old. Jerry and his family rescued her when she was quite young.  She has arthritis now and other ailments common to old age in dogs but she enjoys her daily walks.  Jerry lifts her in and out of the car every morning and takes her for a swim in the river.  It eases her pain and she get to play “find the bone”.  Jerry hides the same bone in the bushes every day so on her return the next morning she can “find” it again.  What a sweet girl.  I love these impromptu photo shoots and the chance to give images to the pet owners that they will cherish for years to come.

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Regal Rome

Rome looking left with logoWhat a photogenic boy! Rome is a six-year-old boxer. His forever family rescued him through the Willamette Humane Society when he was six months old. I had so much fun with him…he is a real poser and just doesn’t have a bad side. He’s a silly boy too… he gave me lots of sloppy kisses and he had a great time showing me his bone! Thanks for a wonderful afternoon in the sun.

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