Ryder is a three-year old lab mix with tons of energy.  His owner and I went for an early morning walk on one of the first frosty days in December.  He absolutely loved it!!  It was so chilly that his breath made what looked like fog surrounding him in white mist.   Ryder got his name because one of his favorite things is to ride in a car.  So it was no problem for him to jump in the front seat of an abandoned truck we found.  He posed beautifully and is such a handsome boy!  The sun finally peeked out and he  stopped for a picture with his Mom on a moss-covered bridge.  My toes were a bit frozen after our walk but Ryder was still raring to go!

Oh Desi!!

I had no idea that an eight-year old English Bulldog could be so fast!   Desmond is just adorable and he will do anything for his basketball.  It’s so cute because of his wrinkled face.  When he tries to grab it he looks like a suction cup.  I had a great time photographing him and his human parents.  Thanks you big hunk!

She’s a talker!

Oh Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!   What a sweetheart you are.  Ruby is a pit bull mix – she was a rescue and now lives the life of luxury in her fur-ever LOGO Final 13home. Ruby is young…about five years old, but she still has the energy of a two-year old.  And her Mom thinks she’s in a permanent toddler stage!  She’s very vocal and doesn’t give up when she wants something.  Ruby is beautiful and quite photogenic. Her coat is a lovely gray-brown, shiny and soft. She loves to run, stalk (in slow motion no less!), play tug of war – and she is beyond treat motivated!  I had a great time taking her pictures and she was very patient with me since I admittedly teased her with treats to get her to sit for a “formal” portrait.  At the end of the session she gave me lots of kisses, so that really made my day!  I think she loved being a diva and a cover model.  Enjoy the slide show.



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Dog Gone Wine

blog FINLAY C2 proof 2Honeywood Winery produces berry wines under the label “Dog Gone Wine”.  They have been using stock images of dogs for the labels until this year when they decided to have a contest to find the perfect dog for their next vintage.  And what a contest it was!   The winery received over 300 entries and every one of the dogs was just adorable.  It was a tough decision and after a lot of agonizing, they selected Finlay.  Finlay is a rescue and the Vet estimates that he’s almost two years old.  He is a  mix of three breeds – one of which is definitely Husky.  Look at that luxurious tail!  I was honored and excited when the winery’s general manager asked me BLOG 4to take the official wine label portrait of this beautiful boy.  He is so sweet!!  He was a trouper…he posed and posed and posed some more…for cheese of course! He got to take numerous breaks and get attention and encouragement from his “Mom”.  Every shot of him is wonderful.

After our official portrait session, he and his human family spent an hour in the gardens at Deepwood Estate so I could take some fun pictures of him.  I had such a great time and it was so nice to meet Finlay.  He is quite photogenic and never stops smiling.  His official portrait (the one above with the white background) will grace Honeywood’s  “Triple Berry” wine label.  Fitting, don’t you think?  Enjoy!

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PIPER - bPiper is a young Scottish Terrier.  It was so much fun photographing her but since she’s so low to the ground, I ended up spending most of my time in the grass with her!   Luckily it was a semi-warm winter day.  We played in the grass, she chased sticks and watched geese fly overhead.  I wanted to use the newly popped out cherry blossoms as a background so I had my assistant hold her up near the tree.  I thought the pink blooms made a nice background for her beautiful black coat shining in the sunlight.

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FIELD - Romp 2We had a break in the weather last week so I stopped by Suite Dog Daze to say hello and watch the dogs enjoying the sunshine.  Of course I had my camera with me and took a few images of their play.  I have to say, I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day after spending an hour with these cuties watching them run, roll in the mud and play tug-o-war with a stick!!

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It’s National Dog Day!

August 26 is National Dog Day so I thought I would share a few recent client images.  Smile and enjoy!


Puppy kisses

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Borders and More!

borders waiting for ballI stopped by a new local business today – a grooming, boarding training facility called SuiteDogDaze.  Lisa the owner has done such a good job setting up play space both indoors and out.  The training and grooming rooms are clean and well-laid out. The kennels (“suites”) are quite large and seem like they would be pretty comfy too.  There is acreage behind the gated play area so dogs who are boarding get walks in the grass four times a day (on leash of course).  I had the chance to photograph Lisa’s two Border Collies, two sweet Pitbulls, a bossy- but cute- Shihtzu and an Australian Shepherd who stopped by for a bath and comb out.  Enjoy the slide show!!

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Pretty as a Penny

Is she gorgeous or what???  Penny belongs to the son of the owner of Buena Vista Flowers in Buena Vista, Oregon.  She was visiting Mary’s floral acreage when I stopped by toLOGO 1-Penny take pictures of flowers.  I quickly changed my mind and focused on this beautiful two-year old Boxer. She is soft as velvet and just a sweetie.  After a few tentative “what is that black thing you are pointing at me” growls, she relaxed and posed for me. She followed me around and sat dutifully in front of a lovely old blue door on the flower barn.  She let me photograph her for over an hour!  With those big eyes and that cute nose she was a natural.  And what elegant lines and beautiful coloring she has.  Thank you Penny for a wonderful afternoon.  Enjoy the slide show!



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Rev it Up!

Revy 14 logoThis adorable four-month old Australian Shepherd has a big name – Reverend.  But they call him Revy for short.  I met Revy while my husband and I were visiting a winery here in Oregon over the Memorial Day weekend.  Revy and his Dad were chillin’ on the grass outside the tasting room.  He was such a sweet guy….full of the devil…you can see it in his eyes!   He was certainly enjoying the sunshine and had a great time munching on the grass. Revy was so happy to see his Mom when she came out of the tasting room that he crawled under her long skirt and popped out smiling on the other side.  This impromptu photo shoot was the highlight of my day!



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