Oh what fun!

I had so much fun taking pictures for two recent clients.  Rita is a gorgeous English Shepherd.  She is seven months old and so sweet.  Her Mom lives on beautiful acreage with an incredible view.  Rita was full of energy and super treat motivated!  Hunny the Maltipoo,  on the other hand was so tiny that I spent most of an hour on my hands and knees in wet grass getting sweet shots of her for her 2nd birthday.  Her Mom had multiple outfits and collars for her photo shoot and Hunny posed beautifully.  Enjoy!

Fall, Winter and the Holidays

Fall, winter and the holidays were in the air when I photographed these cuties last weekend.  Java the gorgeous black cat would only pose with a collar or hat.  Rocky the Boxer kissed me, my assistant and the lens on my camera while Buddy the Lab posed quietly.  Murphy the 11-month old Golden Retriever was beyond excited.  And Thornton (who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing since he was 10 weeks old – he’s almost five now) sat regally with a Christmas bow around his neck.  Bandit helped me with a lighting test and wore a cool Christmas hat.  I’m looking forward to more photo shoots on November 24, December 1 and December 8.  So fun!!!!



Ryder is a three-year old lab mix with tons of energy.  His owner and I went for an early morning walk on one of the first frosty days in December.  He absolutely loved it!!  It was so chilly that his breath made what looked like fog surrounding him in white mist.   Ryder got his name because one of his favorite things is to ride in a car.  So it was no problem for him to jump in the front seat of an abandoned truck we found.  He posed beautifully and is such a handsome boy!  The sun finally peeked out and he  stopped for a picture with his Mom on a moss-covered bridge.  My toes were a bit frozen after our walk but Ryder was still raring to go!

Dogs I have met…

…while out walking, while at classic car shows, while strolling downtown, while buying flowers at a local nursery, at the beach, browsing Saturday market, while taking pictures of other things.  Little dogs, big dogs, scruffy dogs, fluffy dogs, dogs with big eyes, dogs with big ears, white dogs, black dogs, spotted dogs, young dogs, old dogs.  They are everywhere…if you just look!  Every time I see a dog, I smile…oh…and take its picture.

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Picture book

I recently delivered a coffee-table style book to Ruby’s Mom and Dad.  The book title is “Ruby – The Warrior Princess”.  Her parents call her that because she had two homes before she found her forever home four years ago.  I had such a wonderful time taking her pictures and the book is just another way to enjoy and share her beauty.

RUBY cover

RUBY inside page 1 RUBY inside page 2 RUBY inside page 3

Dog Gone Wine

blog FINLAY C2 proof 2Honeywood Winery produces berry wines under the label “Dog Gone Wine”.  They have been using stock images of dogs for the labels until this year when they decided to have a contest to find the perfect dog for their next vintage.  And what a contest it was!   The winery received over 300 entries and every one of the dogs was just adorable.  It was a tough decision and after a lot of agonizing, they selected Finlay.  Finlay is a rescue and the Vet estimates that he’s almost two years old.  He is a  mix of three breeds – one of which is definitely Husky.  Look at that luxurious tail!  I was honored and excited when the winery’s general manager asked me BLOG 4to take the official wine label portrait of this beautiful boy.  He is so sweet!!  He was a trouper…he posed and posed and posed some more…for cheese of course! He got to take numerous breaks and get attention and encouragement from his “Mom”.  Every shot of him is wonderful.

After our official portrait session, he and his human family spent an hour in the gardens at Deepwood Estate so I could take some fun pictures of him.  I had such a great time and it was so nice to meet Finlay.  He is quite photogenic and never stops smiling.  His official portrait (the one above with the white background) will grace Honeywood’s  “Triple Berry” wine label.  Fitting, don’t you think?  Enjoy!

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labs-16 w logoAren’t these 8-week old Labs just adorable?  These two sweet little girls will be joining their new families in a couple of weeks.  One of them is going to live close by in Seattle, the other one is going all the way to Alabama!  Talk about cuddly – all I wanted to do was hold and pet them.  And oh those velvety soft ears and that puppy breath!

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It’s National Dog Day!

August 26 is National Dog Day so I thought I would share a few recent client images.  Smile and enjoy!


Puppy kisses

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Just Quinn

LOGO - Quinn in grass looking up

Quinn is a sweet goofy guy who gave me a big kiss on the nose about two minutes into our first meeting!  He’s definitely not shy and seems to like just about everyone. His soulful eyes and good nature, even in the heat of the late afternoon sun, made the hour I spent with him go by all too quickly.  Quinn is a “talker” and wasn’t shy about telling me he wanted more attention.  How can you not love his big brown nose accented on the tip with a little black freckle?  Or his chocolately coat and shimmering eyes?   A toy with a squeaker was all it took to get him to perk up those velvety ears. He certainly is a poser….a natural for sure.


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Happy Howland

Howland looking right in birthday hat with logoHowland celebrated his first birthday by chasing a ball over and over and over and over.  Oh, and stealing balls (nicely) from other dogs in the dog park.  He’s a very happy guy and didn’t tire easily – sometimes running with his ball and another dog’s ball in his mouth.  He has the longest tongue I’ve every seen with a really adorable black birthmark right in the center of it.  He prefers to drink spring water and moving water at that…so his owner always brings jugs of water with her to the park.  Can you say spoiled??  He’s part German Shepherd and part Black Lab.  He’s long and lanky and a great athlete.  He obliged his owner by donning a birthday hat and later  – you guessed it – chasing his ball with the hat still on!  What fun it was being around such and energetic, happy dog!

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