Ho-Ho-Ho Happy Holidays!

2016-wheatie-xmas-cardHappy holiday from Molly and Dugan….our sweet soft-coated Wheaten terriers who were the inspiration behind NosesTailsPaws Pet Photography.  Besides sharing their holiday Christmas card they wanted to share a few holiday pictures of Thornton who I have known since he was 12 weeks old and who I had the pleasure of photographing in holiday finery. If you are thinking about having your pet’s portrait taken in 2017, please take a look at my site. Feel free to contact me with questions.  I would love to take pictures of your dog or cat – or you with your pets.  Merry Christmas!


2-final-thornton 6-final-thorton 3-final-thornton

Oh Desi!!

I had no idea that an eight-year old English Bulldog could be so fast!   Desmond is just adorable and he will do anything for his basketball.  It’s so cute because of his wrinkled face.  When he tries to grab it he looks like a suction cup.  I had a great time photographing him and his human parents.  Thanks you big hunk!


PIPER - bPiper is a young Scottish Terrier.  It was so much fun photographing her but since she’s so low to the ground, I ended up spending most of my time in the grass with her!   Luckily it was a semi-warm winter day.  We played in the grass, she chased sticks and watched geese fly overhead.  I wanted to use the newly popped out cherry blossoms as a background so I had my assistant hold her up near the tree.  I thought the pink blooms made a nice background for her beautiful black coat shining in the sunlight.

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I spent almost two hours the other day…on what was admittedly a glorious, unusually warm day in Oregon….photographing three sweet PENELOPE  7 W LOGOpuppies.  I was so happy to be able to photograph them outside enjoying the sun and the breeze.  I love taking pictures of dogs and cats, but I must say, that even with an assistant, I was exhausted by the time we finished.  Puppies have WAY too much energy!!  And they have the attention span of half a nat.  Of course I know that, but these little cuties really drove those points home.  Talk about adorable though.  Nanuk (she is the Alaskan Malamute), Hercules (the Yorkie) and Penelope (the mixed pup with attitude) were so much fun.  I spent most
of my time laying in the grass or chasing them around.  We all got our exercise that’s for sure.

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Soft, soft, soft and so Zen!  This is Ting…an adorable Shihtzu.  He was quite a poser and seemed to enjoy showing off his cute nose and big eyes.   I had so much fun taking his pictures…he would cock his head when he heard his favorite words…one of which is “walk”.  His “Mom and Dad” even let him sit on the couch for his portraits.  He’s not allowed on the couch so this was a very special moment for him – and he looked so regal.


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labs-16 w logoAren’t these 8-week old Labs just adorable?  These two sweet little girls will be joining their new families in a couple of weeks.  One of them is going to live close by in Seattle, the other one is going all the way to Alabama!  Talk about cuddly – all I wanted to do was hold and pet them.  And oh those velvety soft ears and that puppy breath!

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Double Trouble

Hedwig and Coco with logo

Recently my husband and I visited friends in Exeter, England. While there, we were introduced to their two very proper English cats…Hedwig and Coco. Hedwig is an adorable calico cat who is queen of the house. Coco is more of a scamp as evidenced by her demand to be served lunch at the table!! Coco 11Coco immediately took to my husband, lounging and purring on his lap – apparently something she doesn’t do with strangers so my husband was doubly pleased!  Hedwig it seems just tolerates Coco and her antics.  She did however, enjoy posing in the garden and gazing up at me with her piercing golden eyes. Enjoy the slide show!



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Lovey Dovey

LOGO LOVEY 1This isn’t Lovey’s official photo shoot….these are just a few photos of her that I took while visiting her “Mom’s” fabric/quilt store in Salem, OR. Lovey, a beautiful standard poodle, serves as the store’s ambassador. She has her own spot under an antique table complete with quilt and soft toys (the duck being her favorite). When not supervising in the shop office she greets customers and gets lots of pets. Be sure to check back for her official photo shoot pictures with her Mom and Dad.

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Pretty as a Penny

Is she gorgeous or what???  Penny belongs to the son of the owner of Buena Vista Flowers in Buena Vista, Oregon.  She was visiting Mary’s floral acreage when I stopped by toLOGO 1-Penny take pictures of flowers.  I quickly changed my mind and focused on this beautiful two-year old Boxer. She is soft as velvet and just a sweetie.  After a few tentative “what is that black thing you are pointing at me” growls, she relaxed and posed for me. She followed me around and sat dutifully in front of a lovely old blue door on the flower barn.  She let me photograph her for over an hour!  With those big eyes and that cute nose she was a natural.  And what elegant lines and beautiful coloring she has.  Thank you Penny for a wonderful afternoon.  Enjoy the slide show!



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