Studio and outdoor photo sessions are now available.
To schedule your pet’s session, email me at
or call me at 503-339-5861.

Holiday Pet Portraits in Studio by appointment.
Hats, scarves and bow provided!

 I love meeting all kinds of dogs and cats  –  learning about their personalities
and watching them react to their environment.
Some are zen, some are joyful some are playful and some are just plain silly!

Capturing those moments and saving those memories brings me so much joy.

I hope you will let me bring that joy home to you with a photo session resulting in beautiful
prints or canvases that capture those moments and save those memories for you too.


COVID-19 protocols will be followed.  Owners must wear masks.  Photographer will wear mask and use long lens to maintain at least 6′ social distance.
Studio is sanitized before and after each appointment.