Capturing moments and saving memories

…because they provide you with unconditional love
…because they are your best friend
…because time flies
…because you can’t imagine life without them

Has any of this happened to you?

Does your dog give you the stink-eye pouty face just as you take the picture?
Does your dog or cat hide or turn away the minute you get out your camera?
Do you have out of focus, fuzzy pictures because your dog or cat wiggled?
Have you ever taken the perfect photos and accidently deleted them
while scrolling through images on your computer?
If you have answered YES to any of these questions – we can take pictures of your pet
the way you want to remember them forever!

I love meeting all kinds of dogs and cats – learning about their personalities
and watching them react to their environment.
Some are Zen, some are joyful some are playful, and some are just plain silly!
Capturing moments and saving memories brings me so much joy.

A NosesTailsPaws session will bring that joy home to you resulting
in beautiful prints or canvases.

You can also schedule a NosesTailsPaws session by emailing me at
or texting or calling me at 503-339-5861


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